In-Film Branding: You can raise upto Rs. 1 Crore for your Film

Fundraising through Product Placement in Films is a smartest way to generate funds to make your dream film.

In-Film Branding & Post-Film Branding with Films is nothing but marketing brands or products through movies. Consumers are tired from traditional brand communication and they desire to receive communication in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

Movies have a big impact on our psychology. Everything we see in a film gets recorded in our memory is responsible for the thoughts we get after watching any movie. Brands use this to market their products and services. It helps them to reach out to their target audience in an interactive way. 

In-film branding is a win-win proposition for both movie producer and brands. Through in-film branding, a brand or business is given space in a movie. Filmmaker plans a story or scene in such a way that a particular brand is highlighted. In return the brand pays some amount or offers support to the producer.

In-Film Branding concept was associated with filmmaking from 100 years ago. In Hollywood, 85% of movies associate with brands to generate revenue through In-Film Branding for their films. Through that, the filmmakers are getting 5%-70% of the film budget, sometimes 100% and more. In the 1950s In-Film Branding concept enters Bollywood with Shree 420 Movie. For the last three decades South Indian filmmakers also getting support from In-Film Branding and in recent years the concept flourished, and many filmmakers are trying to get funds from In-Film Branding and through that, they want to reduce the filmmaking budget. 

Cinetaria Media Works LLP offers In-Film Branding, Product placement in Film, Brand placement in the Film services to the filmmakers.

Through In-Film Branding, filmmakers will get Funding for filmmaking, Free Location, Free costumes for Film Lead Cast, Sponsorship for Film Pre Release Events, Promotional Events, Sponsorship development for Film Posters, Hoardings, Bus Ads, Auto Ads, Bus Shelters, News Paper / TV Advertisements, etc

Cinetaria Media Works LLP will support you to get funds from Corporate Brands, NGOs, Institutions, Etc.

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