Sarvam Siddam

The Cinetaria Media Works has produced Sarvam Siddam-(Navvukunnollaku Navvukunnamta) film with a 100% fun-based comedy story, under Mr. Athimalla Rabin Naidu direction.

Mr. Sarvam is an amateur film director. He dreams of directing a film featuring seven romantic love stories, with seven heroes and seven heroines. When several producers reject his idea, he decides to blackmail a producer into giving him the chance to direct a film. Will he succeed?

Mr. Govindraj played a lead role as Debute Film Director in the film and Mr. Kiran M, Mr. Mandar, Mr. Ram Romoeo, Mr. Trishank, Mr. Bobbili Santhosh Reddy, Mr. Charan, Mr. Siddeshwar, Ms. Pooja, Mrs. Lavanya, Ms. Saritha, Ms. Anupama, Ms. Ravali, Mr. Venkatesh, Mr. Abhishek, Mr. Arjun, Ms. Fareena, Mr. Shiva, Mr. David, Mr. Yashwanth, Mr. Rahu Shaw, Mr. V.V. Sanyasi rao, Mr. Vinod Somaraju, Mr. Keerthish, Mr. Sagar, Mr. Prakash, Ms. Shirisha Dasari, Mr. Vikram are the other actors in the film.

The movie is scheduled to worldwide release on June 17, 2021...

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Rudram Bhaje

The Cinetaria Media Works LLP is producing Rudram Bhaje film as action thriller, under Mr. Venkatt Bulemoni's Direction.

Due to the lockdown in Dubai, the flights have to been canceled and in unavoidable situations, Mr. Anand Keshava stays back in Dubai. Mr. Anand Keshav's daughter Baby Nitya is staying in a hotel in Hyderabad and studying. A notorious criminal Mr. Dandu Raj, who has developed animosity towards Mr. Anand Keshava, plans to take revenge by killing Anand Keshava's daughter Baby Nitya. How Anand Keshav saved his daughter from Dubai. Who supported Mr. Anand Keshav to save his daughter. 

Lead Cast:
Mr. Kushalav Kumar played a lead role and Indo-American Actor Mr. Shee Charan playing antoganist role. Baby Hansika playing very important role in the film.

Mr. Naveen, Mr. Shekhar Singampally, Mr. Sharash, Mr. Mani Patel, Mr. Shiva, Mr. Anand Keshava, Mr. Gopal Aluka, Mr. Satish Dasaram, Mr. B. Srinivas, Mr. Bhaskar Mekala, Mr. Tik Tolk Swamy, Mr. Krishna, Mr. Yadgarpally Krishna, Mrs. Pravallika, Mr. Chandra Shekhar Munaganti, Dr. Manoj Chiluveru, Dr. G.B. Prasad, Mr. Gowtham Sai, Mr. Mahesh, Mr. Sai (Junior Ramreddy), Mr. Saiko Swamy etc are the other actors in the film.

The movie is scheduled to worldwide release in September 2021...

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