In-Film Branding for Web Series

Fundraising for Web Series through Product/Brand Placement in Web Films

In-film branding is a win-win proposition for both both movie producer and brands. Through in-film branding, a brand or business is given space in a movie. Filmmaker plans a story or scene in such a way that a particular brand is highlighted. In return the brand pays some amount or offers support to the producer.

Cinetaria Media Works LLP offers In-Film Branding, Product placement in Film, Brand placement in the Film services to the web series filmmakers.

Through In-Film Branding, Web Series filmmakers will get Funding for filmmaking, Free Location, Free costumes for Film Lead Cast, Sponsorship for Film Pre Release Events, Promotional Events, Sponsorship development for Film Posters, Hoardings, Bus Ads, Auto Ads, Bus Shelters, News Paper / TV Advertisements, etc

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