News on In-Film Branding

The in-film branding market is booming with a growth rate of 13.8%

Corporate companies are ready to invest Rs 1,650 crore in  2021-22 in movies to promote their products

If the filmmakers can give the right placement to corporate branding, they may chance to get maximum filmmaking budget from the brands itself

Really this is good news for the film industry.

If filmmakers can give proper promotional placement to corporate branding/product placement in film, they may raise the maximum of their film budget through corporate branding. Which is really good news for the film industry. Many studies are indicating the latest corporate promotional trends in the same way.

Many national and international companies are decided to promote their brands and products through in-film branding.

A viewer's interest in television advertisements is changing?

If a common man is watching a movie on his television very curious, suddenly an advertisement has come in the middle of a movie. What do you think? 

According to a recent survey's on audience taste, a large percentage of viewers show some impatience, 42% of the viewers turning their attention sideways, 18% pressing the TV channel remote to change the program on TV, and immediately switching to the television channel. And some are looking for an option on how to stop that advertisement. All this you will have to experience.

Certainly, the same thing has come into the experience for corporate companies. Then, they have decided to part of the movie story to promote their products in an entertaining way of approach.

The corporate companies are allocating a special budget for in-film branding, to take part in the film for their products/services promotion. Still, in-film branding is not a new subject for corporates or filmmakers, but now based on current situations on the market, corporates have decided to allocate more budgets to promote their products through the films.

Corporate is investing INR. 1650 Crore in in-film branding in 2021-22 financial year

According to the survey reports, in 2016-17 the brand's market has invested INR. 100 crore in the in-film branding market to promote their products through films nationwide. By 2019, it was raised 6.8% and by 2021-22 the in-film branding investments by corporate have reached 13.8%, and the investments worth calculated as INR. 1650 Crore nationwide. 

In-film branding is a win-win platform for corporate and filmmaker

What better way for companies to sell their cars or pens than showing the hero and heroine using them?

Whether it’s the big-budget films or the small-budget film, brands are increasingly running the box office race, riding on India's popularity to reach out to their target audience.

Brands typically do promotional associations where they get to use movie characters or clippings to run their own advertisement which in turn helps movies get publicity and save on their marketing budgets. In other cases, brands are intrinsically imbibed into movie scripts for placements in film.

Corporate companies are showing interest to get tie with films, web series, etc

Corporate companies are showing interest to associate with big-budget films, small-budget films, web series, web movies, independent movies, television shows and television serials, etc for in-film branding or product placement in entertainments for their products/services, etc. 

While some national and international companies are more interested in big movies, but many corporate companies, who are doing FMCG business and business based on middle-class, upper-middle-class people are ready to sign with small-budget films. Definitely, this is good news for filmmakers, directors & story writers, etc.

Cineteria will support filmmakers to get connect with corporate for in-film branding

Cinetaria Media Works will support filmmakers, who are into films making, independent filmmakers, web series makers, and television serials/television shows makers/producers to get connected with the corporate companies for in-film branding, post-film branding, and promotional film branding tie-ups. 

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